Olive Real Eye Cream by Innisfree


What is an Eye cream? Its basically, a cream used around the eyes to prevent or cure from Dark circles, wrinkles, Puffiness, Tiredness and loosing the elasticity. It is suggested to use the eye cream after the age of 25. It can be used by both Men and women.

Do we really need to use an Eye cream? Yes, eye creams are specifically made for very sensitive or delicate area of the eyes. They are generally thick in consistency with more of oil contents and some important active ingredients, like Collagen, Hyluronic Acid, Glycerin, Fruit oil, Retinol and so on so Forth. Since the area around the eyes tend to dry, an eye cream gives it the moisture and plum, which reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So an eye cream is a must care with the full skin care.

The Olive Real Eye cream by Innisfree, is my personal favorite and recommend to all skin type, as I am combination to oily skin. It deeply hydrates and provide moisture to area around the eyes. The cream is thick in nature, which when comes in contact with the area around the eyes melts in the skin because of the heat generated while massaging it between the fingers which further fill in the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This helps the skin around the eye, to plum and reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines.

Its an intensive care eye cream for sensitive, Puffed and tiered eyes. It is enriched with extra virgin olive oil, which helps to retain the moisture around the eyes.


When and why did I start using this eye cream? I have puffy eyes and I m 27, as I end up trying lot of new makeup around my eyes, my eyes started feeling tiered and all Dull. I started using this eye cream and started seeing the changes after one week of application. When we use any skin care or eye care product, need to give minimum of 7 days to see the first result. I was quite surprised and happy with the results and continued using it. Its never said, that you can use an eye cream if you have wrinkles or fine lines. Eye cream works on many other issues around the eyes.

I would recommend you to go for this Olive Real Eye Cream by Innisfree as its main ingredient is olive, one of the most nourishing ingredient used for all kinds of skincare. Its made in Korea. Here you will get 30ml of product for Rs1550. It will last you for 3 years. Its cruelty free. Its well suited for sensitive and fragile eye areas.

How to Apply:
Take a half pea size amount of eye cream. Apply the cream in patting motion and then massage in circular motion under the eye and the eyelid. Do this for 2 to 3 Min. Well advised to apply an eye cream is in night but can be used in any part of the day.

If any irritation after the first use of this eye cream, please stop the usage of it immediately.

Working well for my eyes, highly satisfied and will keep continue using it and will definitely repurchase the same. Highly Recommend to all.

I hope it helps

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After seeing all the comparison all over the social media between the two palettes, the Royals and the Anastasia Beverly Hills, I finally gathered my thoughts on these two beauties. I personally don’t own the Modern Renaissance Palette but seeing the palette closely all over the place, its swatches and the different eye looks, going to make my point and will share the references to show you, Are they same?

The Royals Palette, Bad Habit
ABH, Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

The Royals palette is warm toned palette with 10 Matte Shades, 2 Shimmer shades and 2 Satin finish shades. The palette complies of shades from the family of Red, Peach, Brown and champagne gold. The shades are very buttery and smooth in texture and finish. The mattes are pigmented, easily blendable with excellent shade appearance while placing o the eyes. The Shades however are not chalky or have a fall out as the shadows are pressed well in the pan. Finally all the shades placed in the palette compliment each other and do not turn grey. And it does not have a kick back as I personally like a bit of Kick back in the shades.


Shades: First Row (7 Shades)
QUEEN : Shimmer
NOBLE: Matte
HONOR: Satin
REGAL: Satin


Shades: Second Row (7 Shades)
CROWN: Shimmer
HEIR: Matte
REIGN: Matte

Modern Renaissance Palette                                Royals Palette

Lets compare the price and other important points between the two palettes for reference:
Modern Renaissance Palette                                                  Royals Palette
Price : 42 Dollars                                                                       10 Dollars
Quantity: 9.8G/ 0.28OZ                                                             22.4G / 0.79OZ
Expiry: 6 Months                                                                       24 Months
Test : Paraben Free                                                                   Paraben Free

Lets me enlighten you with the facts and show you the comparison by showing you the images taken by me in different light modes and getting to the reality of the palettes.

Picture with Day light
picture edited with Bloom effect

Further, Both the palettes are different than each other. They are no way same or either the Royal palette is a dupe to Modern renaissance. If you have both, that means you have two different palettes in the warm category. But if you cannot use a palette within            6 months to one year, then I highly recommend you to buy The Royals Palette.

Where to buy from, http://www.shophush.com

Its one of a kind palette with good quality and quantity of product in it and with the exact pigment to play around. I totally recommend to buy this palette as another warm palette but not in the dilemma of its being the Modern Renaissance Palette Dupe in any way.

I hope you get some help.
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Cookie Crumble Nail Paint by Nykaa

Never thought will ever get a nail art done on my nails But Cookie crumble collection in nail paints by Nykaa made it happen for me. Yes, I am talking about a Nail Art in a pot of Nail enamel or paint. Nothing like this I ever experienced. I am a person of Nail paint interests, and not shy to admit.

Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Enamel Launched on August 2017. It was not there first launch in nail paints but an addition to the category of nail paints been launched till date. They launched in total 7 different shades showcasing the crushed cookies in different flavours. The shades ranges from pinks, minty, lemony, so and so forth. The names of the shades compliment the shade we get. The nail paint will cost Rs 199, Net amount of product you get is 9ml and all the shades are numbered with there respective names.


I, out of seven shades picked three. The shades are 188 Blueberry Shortbread, 191 Gooey Marshmallow and 194 Strawberry Crinkle. All the shades are different than each other, my personal favorite being Gooey Marshmallow. I loved the packaging of the nail paint, whats inside represents outside. The cap or the applicator stem is matte in finish with the crumbled texture. The brush is well trimmed for the perfect application, from narrow to broad nails. The Texture is thin with first application being medium coverage. Second coat gives the perfect finish with full coverage being fully opaque. The finish of the nail paint is gel cum satin finish. Recommend to remove it after 2 days of application as it will lead to yellowing of the nails.


 Yellowing of nails after 2 Day application

188 Blueberry Shortbread

This is a Blue paint with black matte cum satin finish crumbles. Reminds me of my favourite Blueberry muffin with Choco Chips. When put on nails, its just irresistible with all its Sweetness and bitterness.

                                                                                 One coat              Two coats

191 Gooey Marshmallow

This is a Creamy Nude Paint with black matte cum satin finish crumbles. Its marshmallow so goey felt when you put it on your nails. Its the perfect shade for all, complimenting to its name in all sense. Just makes you feel like a kid.

194 Strawberry Crinkle

This is pink paint with black matte cum satin finish crumbles. Its so Tangy and sweet as I take the name. My favourite flavor of all time being Very Berry strawberry ice cream by Baskins And Robins after being tasted and smelled through different form of fragrance, makes me feel new and young as I put it on my Nails. Its me when its this.

So, Finally I got My Nail art done in just Rs199, without any hassles at my comfort. Highly Recommend these Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail paints to all you Girls and Women out there who wish to have some nail art going on there Pretty Nails.
Important Aspects :
⦁ Takes longer time to dry (5 to 10 min, Two coats)
⦁ It does not prevent from yellowing
⦁ It stays on for 4 to 5 Days exactly.
⦁ Its cruelity free
⦁ It does not contain Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor
⦁ Priced and packaged well
⦁ You can buy these only from Nykaa.com

Loved talking through these amazing Nail Paints. I hope you loved them too.

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Nykaa Skin Genius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation Review

Lets first know, what is Nykaa as a brand ? It is originally a online cosmetic and personal care selling site and during the progressing years its started selling most of the new variants from Drugstore to Highend. Over the past one year (2016 – 2017) it launched its own cosmetic line. It started from lipstick , then eye products , nail paints, face product and now a foundation.


Nykaa Skin Genius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation, Launched on 7th August 2017, I ordered my skin genius foundation on the same day and received it in next 4 days. I have  a combination to oily skin and was very much intrigued to buy this foundation because of its claimed features and a unheard technology being used in this foundation.

I personally believe in a medium coverage foundation with a perfecting finish. First, when I opened the red textured box of nykaa foundation I see this very interesting and satisfying packaging. Its one of a kind packaging with squeezy nozzle dropper for the foundation. The outer body is very comfortable plastic with smooth finish, easy to handle. I personally loved the packaging and totally appreciate the thought behind it.


The foundation consistency is runny. Its a sculpting and hydrating foundation with Polylift Technology . The foundation claims, long-wear formula,  keeps your skin fresh and radiant, sculpts and lifts your skin, perfect match to your skin tone, sun filters shield your perfect complexion. Additionally, It has some interesting features to it where it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid,  exquisite Polylift technology and color-adapting pigments, gives you beautiful dewy finish.

Its paraben free and fragrance free. Formulated in Italy. Made in Europe.

Its an affordable foundation for Rs 575 with 30ml of product lasts you more than 2 years. You can use the foundation with Beauty Blender or a stippling brush. My personal preference is the brush as the beauty blender soaks up a lot of product due to the product being runny in consistency. The application of the foundation is smooth and melts on to the skin like a butter. Its has a sheer coverage.


The best suited skin type for this foundation would be Very Dry, Dry and combination to Dry. The foundation stays on for 2 to 3 hours comfortably without creasing but as I am combination to oily skin it stays for 2 hours comfortably and then starts to change its course of nature by fading away, creasing and showing up the pores and finelines.

Since Its a dewy finish foundation, need to set the face with a setting powder and as the day passes by, the touch ups keep happening, with intervals of every 2 hours.

Its a good news for the Dry skin Women and girls to get there hands on nykaa skin genius foundation.As its best suited to this skin type, its dewyness proves the ,so good hydration to the skin all day long with the presence of the major ingredient to it, the Hyluronic Acid.


Hyluronic acid has the great capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and plump the skin. It has a property of anti-aging due to its moisture retention to the skin and keep it glowy.So having this  as the major ingredient what could have gone wrong?

Combination to oily and oily skin already has tomuch of hydration and moisture to there skin. As we know this category of skin type is more prone to Acnes and Breakouts with there oily texture, additional moisture makes it worse. When this foundation comes in contact with the oily skin makes it more dewy and more hydrating and more moisture given. Anything in excess leads to nothing good. After the usage of this foundation, on the second day itself I could see small breakouts and then just to be 100 percent sure used it for continuous 9Days in combination weather. (Combination weather means , Partial Rains, Hot and Humid).

I have always bought a foundation which is in the shade range of 03, or warm undertones to it. For reference, Maybelline fit me 310(sun beige), Loreal Mat magique (Golden vanilla), Colorbar Amino skin foundation 003(Beige Medium) are my shades in different brands and they are the exact shades complimenting to my skin tone. When i ordered my nykaa foundation i picked a shade lighter than my skin tone as it has a new technology called the  Polylift technology and color-adapting pigments.


Polylift technology helps the foundation to adapt your skin tone after its application of 2 to 5 minutes. Basically, It will turn into your skin shade as it comes in contact with your facial skin. In lame words if i may say so its nothing but mear oxidization of a foundation after its application with effect to the facial temperature as it comes in contact.

My personal experience with the foundation was exactly the opposite, as i picked a lighter shade which I wished to change in to my skin tone didn’t happen. Instead it sat on the face and left a white cast of foundation and very dewy whole day. I personally don’t agree or experienced the shade adapting nature with the foundation on my skin.

Nykaa Skin genius Foundation Review

Sun shield and imperfection disappearance, adds another element to the foundation. The sun shield by far is unknown in SPF form, so i assume its just has a sunblock feature. Which is in a way good for all skins. Additional SPF would have made the foundation more dewy. Finally the Imperfection disappearance is because of the hyluronic acid presence in the foundation which leads to pluming of the face and erasing the finelines and wrinkles temporarily.

Conclusion, I personally don’t recommend this to combination to oily and oily skin type. Its best suited for Dry skin to very dry skin Women and girls. Its more comparable to a CC Cream then being a foundation.

What I like about this Foundation is

  • The packaging is perfect
  • Consistency of the foundation is apt
  • presence of Hyluronic acid
  • Sun shield Filter
  • Light weight Formula

What are the misses of this foundation

  • Its not all skin type
  • Not well suited for combination to oily skin.
  • To dewy in nature.
  • Fades away during the day
  • Its not even a  medium coverage

Thats all I can project and suggest.

Good Day

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