Cookie Crumble Nail Paint by Nykaa

Never thought will ever get a nail art done on my nails But Cookie crumble collection in nail paints by Nykaa made it happen for me. Yes, I am talking about a Nail Art in a pot of Nail enamel or paint. Nothing like this I ever experienced. I am a person of Nail paint interests, and not shy to admit.

Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail Enamel Launched on August 2017. It was not there first launch in nail paints but an addition to the category of nail paints been launched till date. They launched in total 7 different shades showcasing the crushed cookies in different flavours. The shades ranges from pinks, minty, lemony, so and so forth. The names of the shades compliment the shade we get. The nail paint will cost Rs 199, Net amount of product you get is 9ml and all the shades are numbered with there respective names.


I, out of seven shades picked three. The shades are 188 Blueberry Shortbread, 191 Gooey Marshmallow and 194 Strawberry Crinkle. All the shades are different than each other, my personal favorite being Gooey Marshmallow. I loved the packaging of the nail paint, whats inside represents outside. The cap or the applicator stem is matte in finish with the crumbled texture. The brush is well trimmed for the perfect application, from narrow to broad nails. The Texture is thin with first application being medium coverage. Second coat gives the perfect finish with full coverage being fully opaque. The finish of the nail paint is gel cum satin finish. Recommend to remove it after 2 days of application as it will lead to yellowing of the nails.


 Yellowing of nails after 2 Day application

188 Blueberry Shortbread

This is a Blue paint with black matte cum satin finish crumbles. Reminds me of my favourite Blueberry muffin with Choco Chips. When put on nails, its just irresistible with all its Sweetness and bitterness.

                                                                                 One coat              Two coats

191 Gooey Marshmallow

This is a Creamy Nude Paint with black matte cum satin finish crumbles. Its marshmallow so goey felt when you put it on your nails. Its the perfect shade for all, complimenting to its name in all sense. Just makes you feel like a kid.

194 Strawberry Crinkle

This is pink paint with black matte cum satin finish crumbles. Its so Tangy and sweet as I take the name. My favourite flavor of all time being Very Berry strawberry ice cream by Baskins And Robins after being tasted and smelled through different form of fragrance, makes me feel new and young as I put it on my Nails. Its me when its this.

So, Finally I got My Nail art done in just Rs199, without any hassles at my comfort. Highly Recommend these Nykaa Cookie Crumble Nail paints to all you Girls and Women out there who wish to have some nail art going on there Pretty Nails.
Important Aspects :
⦁ Takes longer time to dry (5 to 10 min, Two coats)
⦁ It does not prevent from yellowing
⦁ It stays on for 4 to 5 Days exactly.
⦁ Its cruelity free
⦁ It does not contain Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor
⦁ Priced and packaged well
⦁ You can buy these only from

Loved talking through these amazing Nail Paints. I hope you loved them too.

Good Day


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